Welcome to Cork Cat Action Trust

Welcome to the Cork Cat Action Trust Website


We are a small volunteer run local charity with the main aim of reducing the numbers of unwanted cats and kittens by the tried and tested method of trap/neuter/return. Cats are trapped humanely, taken to the vet, neutered, and after a period of recuperation released back into their home territory.

Colonies of cats whether in back gardens, farms, building sites, or industrial areas, can breed so rapidly that even rabbits blink. Our aim is to stop this proliferation of unwanted kittens who live short and miserable lives and whose mothers breed and breed until they are worn out and wretched.

A pair of breeding cats can, in their lifetimes, produce 20,000 offspring.

In a radio interview after the 2014 Dublin International Cat Show, a spokesman said “there are about 150,000 cats in Ireland – Irish people prefer dogs, and can even bring in large dogs from the country” or words to that effect. In fact, although he may have been talking about PEDIGREE or SHOW cats, if he multiplied the 150,000 by 10, he would still have been short of the mark as regards the cat population. Cats HIDE. There can be 50 cats in your area, and you may only see 8/9.. Cats breed at a phenomenal rate. If you feed a feral or stray cat, please contact your local TNR group to help. Otherwise there may be 6/8 kittens shortly, and in 5 months you can multiply that by another 4/5.

If you feed that cat, PLEASE NEUTER IT.

Thank you very much.

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We feel it necessary to issue a precautionary notice of cats going missing around the Ballinspittle-Kilbrittain area. These cats are all black. They all lived within a few miles of one another. They all went missing within a 24 hour period between Tues 10/10/17 and Wed 11/10/17.
We have contacted the Gardai in Bandon and Kinsale, as well as local Gardai, to inform them of our suspicions.
As a matter of some urgency we would appeal to anyone who may have noticed anything out of the usual around the areas mentioned to contact us, in confidence, through private message to this page or by ringing, 086 4676111. All contacts will be held in the strictest confidence.
As a general warning we would urge all cat owners to be extra vigilant around this time of year. Halloween can be a fun time but it also brings out some pretty asinine behaviour that involves direct cruelty to animals, especially cats.
CCN is now working with Community Gardai to bring this matter to a speedy resolution.
We would ask our followers to share this as far and as wide as they possibly can.


Kittens june 2016 image imageIts a crazy time of year. 19 kittens, 18 of them under 9 weeks. Black, Black Black, and a couple of Black and Whites (and 4 tinies, not yet 4 weeks old). Beautiful little characters. DYING for some fun with their own families. Will all be vaccinated in the next week or so, and then will be ready to go. Some long haired, some short haired.
I think the big black cat is saying “you can come out and play too, when you’re bigger”.

Curly Sue the large tabby cat has three kittens. One is dark silver with black stripes. The second is white socks with tabby body and the third is a fluffy long haied black. All are boys.

UPDATE REHOMED JAN 2016 Magrat : December 2015

Magrat looking for her own home.


Magrat is a rescue cat who came with 3 kittens, all rehomed, and now it’s our wish that she gets a home.

She is 2 years old approx. She is not used to cats around her and not used to children as she takes delight in surprising us by jumping straight up in the air without warning whilst looking surprised at the world.

She grooms her foster person’s hair, which is ok until she gets too vigirous.¬†She is addicted to cream and milk, ie. things that are not good for a cat – so have to keep an eye on the milk jugs.

Thank you.

Stuck up a chimney

imageOne April evening, I went out to feed the cats their supper at midnight. I heard a cat yowling from next doors field but could not work out where it was coming from.

After a search with a light and much calling I located the cries attached to a set of glowing eyes high up on the chimney of a derelict, but well constructed stone built cottage. Only problem being kitty aka “Engine” was refusing to get down.

And there began three days of stress. Whenever we went over to get or in our case try get Engine down, one of our older cats, Polo, came over and called repeatedly to Engine. Polo never talks so I reckon he knew Engine was in trouble.

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