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Email and

Or better still find us on facebook page cork cat action trust.

Please note the email is not continually monitored as we are a very small voluntary group  and therefore it is impossible for us to be an emergency service.

If you have an emergency situation or wish to report animal cruelty please contact the ISPCA direct.

Other animal welfare groups are operating in the Cork area. If they have the resources they may be able to help. Check this list of animal welfare organisations in Ireland.

If you want help to get cats neutered you can use the form below also.

Please give a landline number and a mobile number in your email if you have both, and let us know what part of Cork County or City you are in. Facebook is now a much faster way of contact and our facebook page is Cork cat action trust. Again we stress we cannot monitor either on a 24 hour basis.

If you do not get a reply within 24 hours please try this email.

If you are reporting an injured animal if you have an emergency please contact a vet and ask them for advice. If they are being cheeky about the price they are quoting ring more vets and see if someone is in a christian mood.


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